Protection against infection

You as a guest must take great personal responsibility for both your own routines and to follow the routines we set up. Together, we make this work and enable us to be open in both the winter and summer seasons of 2021.

Thank you for helping!


  • We only accept guests who have pre-booked their stay. You do this most easily on the web. 
    We distribute company in rooms so scattered it is possible.
  • Duvets and pillows are on site. It is mandatory to bring your own pillowcases, underwear and duvet covers (can be rented on place). 
  • If you plan to sleep in a sleeping bag, you must use bed sheets (can be rented on site). You need to be able to cover all bedding for your own security.
  • Sauna baths will be regulated and only those who are part of the same company may use the sauna at the same time.
  • To prevent the spread of infection in such, we are sparse between the tables in the dining room and if necessary we divide guests into more seating times with fewer guests per breakfast sitting.
  • Hand alcohol is available in public areas and in the guest rooms.
  • Only a maximum of four guests may be in the guest kitchen at the same time. As we have two workplaces, this corresponds to cooking for two parties. This because reduce congestion.
  • The living room is used only by guests staying at Fulufjällsgården.
  • If you feel sick, contact the staff immediately. Preferably from your room.
  • We have enhanced cleaning routines for those public areas such as reception, toilets / showers and living room.
  • The living room is used only by guests staying at Fulufjällsgården.
  • The cleaning of all rooms are inspected after departure to ensure a safe stay for the next guest.
  • The rooms' surfaces, electrical contacts and handles are disinfected after departure.
  • We have face masks and hand alcohol for sale.
  • We avoid cash handling which can involve a risk of infection. It is possible to pay by card or Swish.